Glamour Filter

Glamour Filter 1.1.1

Make your model photos look glamourous


  • Step-by-step picture optimization


  • It doesn’t add anything you couldn’t do with any graphics editor
  • Not particularly exciting results

Not bad

Glamour Filter is designed to improve your portraits by balancing colours, lights and contrast. You just have to load a picture, press the 'Add Glamour' button and see the preview next to your picture. At this point you can decide to add a soft-focus and a saturation effect which can make your photo a little bit fake or ‘dream-like’ if you want.

The application is basic and easy to use, and can be suitable for non-tech savvy users who would like to improve the appearance of a picture in a few clicks. Although you can set some values to the filters, the results are not exciting and basically any graphics editor can improve saturation, brightness and contrast in a very easy way.

Glamour Filter can help you improve the appearance of pictures with easy contrast and colour optimization. The soft-focus effect can also add some 'shine', which some may like but others not.

With Glamour Filter you can enhance your close-ups or portrait pictures in a very easy way, making them look more glamorous and interesting. Simply load the photo in the program's window (no installation necessary) and it will adjust the histogram levels automatically.

Besides, you can also set these values manually by using the slider to obtain the perfect results. You can preview the final photo with the glamour filter applied at any moment. When done, the program doesn't allow you to save the picture, but just copy it to Window's Clipboard.

Glamour Filter


Glamour Filter 1.1.1

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